About Me

About Me

Career Goal

To make significant contribution in an environment, which provides opportunities for professional growth and increasing responsibility. More importantly, working harmoniously in a team to bring forth the best from self and everyone.


I’m Dipesh Ranjit, permanent resident of Banepa, Kavre, Nepal. Presently, I am working as Office In-charge at  NLG Insurance Company Ltd, Bhaktapur Branch from six years.  Also I have been working as Secretory General at  Bright Future Investment Group, Banepa  Since it’s establishment till date & I am also nominated as Board Member of Shree Ganeshaya Deva Saving & Credit Co-Operative Ltd, Thamel; Secretory at Standard Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd, Banepa. Talking about my social involvement, I have been involved in Junior Chamber International (JCI) as active member since 2006 and Currently I am Vice President of Kavre Jaycees (JCI Kavre- Nepal).

My Details

Name                          :    Dipesh Ranjit
Nationality              :    Nepali
Date of Birth           :    6th Asadh
Martial Status        :    Single
Address                    :    Banepa-5, Kavre, Nepal.
Email id                    : nlgdipesh@gmail.com, info@dipeshranjit.com.np
Language Known :    English, Nepali, Newari, Hindi
Hobbies                   :    Music, Reading, Computer, Mobile & IT Gadgets.
Interest                   :    Banking, IT Industry, Insurance, Research, Web Technology.


  1. S.L.C. (Nepal Government Board) from Siddhartha English High School, Banepa, Nepal.
  2. Intermediate (+2) in Science with Major Physics & Maths (HSEB Board) from Siddhartha Academy (+2) Higher Secondary School, Banepa, Kavre, Nepal.
  3. Bachelor in Business Management from Tribhuvan University, Nepal.
  4. Studying Masters in Business Management from Tribhuvan University, Nepal.


  1. Best Banepa Junior Jaycees Award-2007
  2. Ranked First Among All SLC Appeared Ranjitkar Samaj Family Students of Kavre District in Year 2059 B.S.

Work Exprience

  1. Office In-charge at  NLG Insurance Company Ltd, Bhaktapur Branch since 2063.04.01 (17.07.2006) .
  2. Secretory General at  Bright Future Investment Group since it’s establishment till date.
  3. Board Member of Shree Ganeshaya Deva Saving & Credit Co-Operative  Ltd, Chhetrapati, Thamel.
  4. Member of Junior Chamber International (JCI)  since 2006.
  5. Currently Vice President for of Kavre Jaycees (JCI Kavre- Nepal) year 2011 .
  6. Board of Director in Standard Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd.
  7. Concept Director of 24/7 Computronics Pvt. Ltd, 24/7 IT Solutions & 24/7 Web Solutions.

Trainings Attended

  • Professional Trainings

  1. Corporate Mgmt. Sol’n Nepal  Sales & Marketing Workshop (30th April, 2010).
  • Personality Development Trainings

  1. JCI Kavre-Nepal (Kavre Jaycees) Effective Public Speaking Training
  2. Nepal Jaycees Area “C” Level Master Of Ceremony Training (30th May,2009).

Trainings Provided

  1. Trainer at Insurance Agent Training organized by NLG Insurance Company Ltd, RWSSFDB & National Life Insurance Company 11-18th Chaitra, 2067 at Chetana Kendra, Banepa.


Participation in JCI

  1. Nepal Jaycees Area “C” Conference -  2007  Host: JCI Godawari Nepal at Hotel View Bhrikuti, Godawari.
  2. Nepal Jaycees Area “B” Conference – 2009 Host: Ratna Nagar Jaycees at  Sauraha, Chitwan.
  3. Master of Ceremony (Programme Host) at 25th Anniversary of Banepa Junior Jaycees at NJC Area “C” Conference – (19-20th June, 2009) Host: Kavre Lady Jaycees @ Chetana Kendra, Budol, Banepa.
  4. Nepal Jaycees National Convention -  2010 Host Patan Jaycees  at Bishal Bazar, Pulchock, Lalitpur.
  5. Nepal Jaycees NOM / LOM Leaders’ Academy – 2011 Host: Narayangarh Lady Jaycees @ Narayangarh Lady Jaycees Secretariat, Narayangarh.

Participation In Contests

  1. Late Ram Bhakta Memorial Inter Municipality  Oratory Contest (19th Aswin, 2064 B.S.).


  1. Critical & Creative thinking with strong analytical skill, Self-motivated, confident & independent.
  2. Good interpersonal relationship skills & ability to maintain confidentiality.
  3. Ability to work under pressure & can take additional responsibilities with strong determination and will power.
  4. Ability to operate effectively & sensitively in the cultural context of Nepal.
  5.  Good Learning attitude & concern for poor & vulnerable people.
  6. Quick learning and analyzing skills with Ability to work in a team & able to work in diffrent target groups.
  7. Good communication skills.

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